Understand How What is VivaTV APK Works.

viva tv apk is an app that has been designed to provide entertainment and information to individuals, both young and old alike. Its audience is a diverse one, ranging from persons who are just getting started in their careers to those who have held onto them for a long time.


The app itself has been separated into four main sections, namely News, Videos, Apps & Games, and Live TV. Additionally, there are also sections for Music & Radio as well as Entertainment on offer for you to use throughout the course of your day. Additionally, you will also be able to use other features, such as the ability to sync your account with that of Facebook or Twitter.

viva tv apk


In the news, a wide variety of stories can be browsed through based on topics that you select. In Videos, you are guaranteed fresh content every day. You will also find apps and games for all ages in addition to Live TV and Entertainment sections which are sure to offer you entertainment at any time during the day or night.


You may choose for the app to add advertisements if you so wish. In addition, you are also able to gain access to the Gold Membership. A Gold Membership will set you back $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. This will allow you to get access to a wide range of features, as well as remove ads from your viewing experience.


In conclusion, the app will provide you with entertainment and information. It is available to download for free and can be used on all Android devices.