Advantages of manual powder espresso machines:

Compared to capsule machines, this type of machine has a slightly higher cost, however the coffees have a much lower cost depending on the blend used (using an average cost blend of 20 euros per kilo, a single coffee will cost about 16 cents). The cost of coffee made with powdered coffee machines is therefore economical , and the higher cost of the machine is quickly amortized if you make a lot of coffees a day

Another advantage is that the coffee powder that remains after extraction made with powder coffee machines is recyclable and can be thrown away in the wet, in the domestic / condominium composter or used as fertilizer and fertilizer for flowers and plants or to remove ants and snails. Poor manual espresso coffee machines are therefore configured as an ecological choice of attention to the environment because they produce very little waste (the coffee wrapper and the coffee machine at the end of its life, but the latter applies to every type of machine.

Espresso coffee pod machines

There are espresso coffee machines that work exclusively with pods and espresso powder coffee machines that, using a special filter (sometimes supplied, sometimes sold separately), can also be used with pods. Each pod (equivalent to a coffee) looks like a crushed round disk and contains about  7 grams of  ground and pressed coffee, enclosed in a “filter” paper wrapper like the one used for tea bags. The ESE pods or the universal standard format (ESE) have a thickness of 44 mm.